DEEPER PRO Smart Portable Sonar

Deeper PRO smart sonar is a valuable fishing gear that provides a lot of useful information about fishing conditions in the water body. Designed for searching fish for depth and water temperature, bottom terrain and other information needed for successful fishing. The Deeper smart app has many useful features: real-time positioning, unlimited history of scan data received, and ice fishing mode.


The PRO+ uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone, giving very fast data transfer and strong connectivity. Transducer sends 15 scans per second and has target separation of just 1“.

The Deeper app puts you in control of your Deeper smart sonar and all the data you receive from it with a range of intuitive features.

Control your sonar – Use the app to select narrow or wide beam scanning, adjust sensitivity (use low sensitivity for dirty water, and high for clear water) and put you sonar into sleep mode when you’re not using (it will automatically switch off when it is out of the water).
Change fishing type – choose from 3 different modes: standard, boat, and ice fishing. Each mode automatically adjusts both the sonar settings and the display.
Personalise your display – enable or disable fish and depth alarms, and add or remove fish icons and depth.
Manage your data – Review your sonar activity history and store all the readings with unlimited data storage in the app.

Add detailed bathymetric data onto the maps you have downloaded using your Deeper smart sonar.

Onshore mapping – the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO + comes with built in GPS, enabling you to map any water you fish from the shore.
Boat mapping – use any Deeper smart sonar model to create detailed depth maps with the sonar mounted to your boat or kayak.

Save every ice hole you fish with the new GPS Ice Hole Marking feature in ice fishing mode. For each new location you fish, a new spot will be marked on your map and any data your sonar picks up at that location will also be stored. This feature works for all models. Find out more here.

The Deeper App is compatible with more 9,800 smart devices using the Android or iOS operating systems. The app is available in multiple languages, such as BG, CZ, ZH, NL, FI, FR, DE, HU, IT, JP, KR, LT, MY, NO, PL, PT, RO, RU, SK, ES, TR, UA.


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