Lazerinis kryžminis nivelyras

Paprastas naudoti lazerinis kryžminis nivelyras-gulsčiukas su stovu. 360 B2 Cordless Cross Line Laser 4V
Pajudinus mirksi arba išjungią lazerį. Galima fiksuoti jei norima fiksuota linija.
Stovas leidžia patogiai pasistatyti, kad netrukdytų.
Pakraunamas ir ryškus žalias lazeris. Tinka lauke.


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City: Vilnius

Price per day: 3.00 €

Price per week: 12.00 €

Item value: 30.00 €

Minimal rental period: 3 days

Invoice: Full invoice not available

Pickup details:
Pasiėmimas/gražinimas Saulėtekyje po 18h.
Min laikotarpis 3 dienos.

Cancellation policy:
Rent is non-refundable if Borrower cancels already paid rent in less than 24 hours until start of the rent.

How to rent this item?

  • Text to owner to ask about item’s availability.
  • After you get confirmation book an item.
  • Some of the owners can offer a discount after booking request.
  • When payment is completed owner’s contacts will be sent to you.
  • After returning item please leave a feedback.